4 Tips for Reducing Digital Eye Strain

Reducing Digital Eye StrainWe’ve all been there.  Watery, itchy, red, tired eyes that won’t focus.  It’s known as digital eye strain, and it’s more common than you think.  After staring at a computer at work all day, and checking in with your tablet or mobile device during down time, it only makes sense that our eyes would fatigue.  It’s estimated that more than half of today’s workforce suffers with the problem.  But don’t worry!  We’ve got some tips to help you reduce digital eye strain.

  1. Blink more often. An easy solution!  When you blink, your eyes are moistened, which helps reduce the irritation you feel when staring at a screen for extended amounts of time.  It’s common to blink less frequently when intensely focused on the work at hand.  However, a few extra blinks can go a long way toward reducing digital eye strain.
  1. Take frequent breaks. Research has shown that brief breaks are good not only for your eyes, but also for your health and overall work productivity.  Take a lap around the office, walk a flight of stairs, most importantly… step away from the computer screen once in a while.
  1. Minimize glare. Reducing reflections on your surroundings and your computer screen helps reduce eye strain.  Use window shades, an anti-glare screen, or even a glare hood to decrease the reflective light.
  1. Get an eye exam. An eye exam is the single most important thing you can do to reduce computer screen related vision problems.  Workers should be screened every year, according to the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health.  It’s important to let your doctor know how often, and for how long you use a computer on a daily basis.  Also, measure the distance between your eyes and your computer screen, so you can be tested in a situation that replicates your work environment.

Do you suffer from digital eye strain?  Try implementing a few of these suggestions.  If you find your eyes are still dry, red, and fatigued, contact us. We’d love to help.

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