Are These Makeup Mistakes Hurting Your Eyes?

Makeup can be a fun way to highlight your eyes and make them stand out. The right makeup tricks can even make you look younger and well rested. However, there are a few makeup mistakes that can hurt your eyes. Here’s what you should know:

make up mistakes eye healthApplying Mascara Before Curling Your Eyelashes
Mascara and an eyelash curler can take you far, but if you use them in the wrong order, you could cause real problems. Curling your eyelashes after applying mascara means that the mascara could easily stick to the eyelash curler. If you’re fortunate, you’ll just end up with clumpy eyelashes, but in many cases this can lead to accidentally pulling out a large section of eyelashes. This is painful and can make your eyes look strange, but it also opens your eyes up to more bacteria and germs. Your eyelashes function as a barrier and filter to keep germs out of your eyes. If you accidentally rip out your lashes, they won’t be able to protect your eyes from dust and germs.

Applying Eyeliner To Your Waterline
Eyeliner can make your eyes stand out, but it is important to be very careful. In addition to the risk of poking yourself in the eye with a pencil, eyeliner, when applied to the wrong part of your eye can cause other problems.

If you apply eyeliner to the inner rim of your eye (the waterline) you can block tear ducts and irritate your eyes. Eyeliner also often quickly flakes off and gets into your yes causing ore irritation. If you wear contacts, this can be particularly troublesome. If you apply liner to the lower half of your eye put it on the lash line, not the waterline. Leaving the lower half of your eye unlined is also a good option since completely lining your eyes can make them look smaller.

Don’t let these makeup mistakes hurt your eyes or cause irritation. Protect your eyes by using makeup carefully and replacing eye makeup every three months. To learn more about keeping your eyes healthy and beautiful visit the Aloha Eye Clinic.


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