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How Light could be Doing You In

Usually, we perceive light to be a good thing. Without the varying wavelengths and colors of light, we actually wouldn’t even see white light. What we observe in our field of vision is the result of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet wavelengths entering the eye separately, and then joining on the retina. […]

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Has the Time Come for Botox?

We have been hearing about Botox treatment for so long now that it’s hard to believe this injectable solution didn’t always exist. This perception of Botox being the Wonder Drug of the Century is shared by many people that we meet. For those who have yet to start their love-affair with Botox, it is easy […]

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Who will Care for Your Eyes?

You rely on your eyes to get you through each day. If a time comes when you start to notice that fine print or street signs are no longer easy to read, you know it’s time to see the eye doctor. In most cases, people recognize the person who helps them with their prescription lenses […]

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Revive your Tired-Looking Eyes

Our eyes are hard to hide, even when we tend to wear sunglasses as we go about our day. It isn’t like you can wear dark spectacles in the office, or at home. Even if you did, you would know what lies behind them: dark circles, bags, loose skin, and wrinkles. The skin around the […]

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Reducing Intraocular Pressure with Laser Energy

One of the most significant concerns that individuals with glaucoma face are a substantial increase in intraocular pressure. This is the very characteristic of this eye disease. There is currently no cure for glaucoma, only tools that help patients manage the pressure placed on their optic nerve and, thus, preserve their vision. Recent developments in […]

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Redness and Itching may be more than Allergies

Although we do not experience the dramatic weather changes that other parts of the country do as the season’s change, there are nuances to the passing months of the year. Springtime notoriously brings blooms that may cause certain people to sneeze and sniffle. Sometimes, allergies are far subtle, causing mild eye irritation. These are referred […]

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The Timing of LASIK

They say there is never a perfect time for anything, so don’t wait to do the things to want or need to do. Handling the vision problems that are keeping you from the active life you want is one of those things that falls into both the “need to” and “want to” categories. You need […]

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Oh, My! It’s a Stye!

With all of the conditions that may develop, a stye is one that most people just don’t expect. We may not be surprised if we feel a little eye strain at the end of a long work day – or the end of a long book. Allergies, and even dry eye syndrome seem common enough […]

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Does 3D Entertainment always mean Motion-Sickness?

In your youth, you may have never missed the chance to catch a flick like Jaws 3D, or even Shrek 4D. Such films are not the norm, so they hold a special sense of magic about them. If you are among an elite few who find that you start to feel nauseous and dizzy sometime […]

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