Glaucoma Maui Hawaii

Why You May Not See Glaucoma Coming, and Why You Should

Many of the conditions that affect the eye can be treated to preserve vision. Cataracts can be removed when vision becomes too cloudy, blurriness at a distance or up close may be corrected with eyeglasses or with refractive eye surgery. There is one condition that isn’t quite as easy on the eyes. Here, we’d like […]

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Does LASIK fit into Your Active Lifestyle?

LASIK has been one of the leading eye procedures performed in the last several years. Men and women of all ages have found freedom from eyeglasses by undergoing this short procedure to correct vision through meticulous cornea re-shaping. It’s true that LASIK can provide long-term, if not permanent, improvement to vision. Why else would so […]

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Are You Aware of This Risk for Macular Degeneration?

Our grandparents, and maybe even our parents, often heard of the value of “everything in moderation.” Do you know that adage?  It is intended to help us moderate things that are bad for us; things like smoking (although we should eliminate this), alcohol consumption, and even how much we eat. Here’s an interesting spin . […]

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When Presbyopia Strikes

With age comes change. Some of that change can be good; the birth of children and grandchildren, for example. Other changes, especially those that affect our overall health and wellness, don’t always feel so great. For instance, when we find that we are holding labels far away from our face so we can read them, […]

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Do You Have the Wrong Idea about Laser Eye Surgery?

Most of the people who visit our Kihei and Wailuku offices are aware that many eye procedures performed today include laser technology. Because such procedures are so common, they have been falling into that pit of misinformation that surrounds most things today. If you’re weighing the pros and cons of having laser eye surgery to […]

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Astigmatism Maui HI

This Could be Why Everything is a Blur

It is no secret that vision can change with age. An older person who doesn’t wear some corrective eyewear may be considered lucky – either that or they’ve had surgery to correct the errors in their eyes. When vision does “go,” it is thought to diminish in one of two ways: it either becomes difficult […]

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Blinded by the Night

Our usual expectation is to be “blinded by the light,” to experience momentary visual disturbance when we step into the bright sunlight, or out of it into a darker environment. There is another condition, though, in which the amount of light that is present can affect vision. For some people, the transition from daytime to […]

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Eyelid Swelling: What Could It Be?

If you’ve woken up from a poor night’s sleep to find that your eyes are puffy and swollen, you may not be surprised. We also tend to expect to swell after a good cry. The reason why the tissues of the upper and lower lids expand is that fluid accumulates beneath the surface. That is […]

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Bring More Beauty to your Holidays

We are constantly surrounded by beauty on this island we call Home. The world of beauty shouldn’t end with our environment. Most adults we meet also want to see beauty when they look in the mirror. With the numerous innovations that have occurred in cosmetic surgery and aesthetic medicine, this is a real possibility. With […]

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