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This Could be Why Everything is a Blur

It is no secret that vision can change with age. An older person who doesn’t wear some corrective eyewear may be considered lucky – either that or they’ve had surgery to correct the errors in their eyes. When vision does “go,” it is thought to diminish in one of two ways: it either becomes difficult […]

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Blinded by the Night

Our usual expectation is to be “blinded by the light,” to experience momentary visual disturbance when we step into the bright sunlight, or out of it into a darker environment. There is another condition, though, in which the amount of light that is present can affect vision. For some people, the transition from daytime to […]

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Eyelid Swelling: What Could It Be?

If you’ve woken up from a poor night’s sleep to find that your eyes are puffy and swollen, you may not be surprised. We also tend to expect to swell after a good cry. The reason why the tissues of the upper and lower lids expand is that fluid accumulates beneath the surface. That is […]

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Bring More Beauty to your Holidays

We are constantly surrounded by beauty on this island we call Home. The world of beauty shouldn’t end with our environment. Most adults we meet also want to see beauty when they look in the mirror. With the numerous innovations that have occurred in cosmetic surgery and aesthetic medicine, this is a real possibility. With […]

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Cataract Surgery Kihei, HI

What Cataract Removal Means for Quality of Life

Cataract surgery is a life-changing surgery. At the same time, it is a procedure that many people put off, possibly for far longer than they should. Because cataracts can significantly impair vision, but do not threaten it entirely, patients who are looking through clouded lenses have the option of scheduling cataract removal at their preferred […]

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Nearsightedness: It’s Not just an Adult Problem

We often discuss vision problem as if they were all age-related. One look at a child was wearing corrective lenses, and you know this is not the way it always goes. Currently, there are more than 10 million children in our country who are living with myopia or nearsightedness. If this condition is not properly […]

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Diabetic Eye Exams Kihei, HI

Diabetes and Blurry Vision: Examining the Link

When the body’s metabolic system loses its ability to adequately produce and use insulin, a number of disruptive symptoms occurs. The misuse of insulin means that the body is unable to metabolize sugar appropriately. We refer to this as diabetes, and physicians across all fields of medicine are cognizant of the extensive damage this chronic […]

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Blepharoplasty Kihei, HI

Blepharoplasty: Knowing When It’s Time

Eyelid rejuvenation is one of the most common requests of men and women seeing cosmetic care. Recent market research has discovered that, when a person reduces cosmetic concerns around the eyes, their overall sense of satisfaction with their facial aesthetic improves. Many cosmetic surgeons are now discussing blepharoplasty for eyelid rejuvenation as an alternative to […]

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Let those Tears Flow

Our tears do not get much attention. That is until they demand it. When we hear that word, “tears,” what usually comes to mind is crying. There are, however, some reasons why the eyes produce tears. Crying is just one of them. We’ll start with that, though. Emotional Tears Everyone knows that certain feelings provoke […]

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