Botox: It Tightens Up Your Wrinkles and Loosens Up Those Eyes!

Botox Tightens wrinkles and loosens eyesBotox gets so much attention for it’s like-magic facial smoothing effects that you probably don’t even know that it can actually seriously benefit your eyes. That’s right, it’s more than just a cosmetic skin procedure offered by us. If you suffer from a serious (or even not-so-serious) eye condition like crossed eyes, blurred vision, or eyelid spasms, Botox might be the answer you’ve been looking for.

Are the Above-Mentioned Conditions Really That Serious?

Of course, strabismus (the technical name for crossed eyes), diplopia (blurred vision), and blepharospasm (eyelid spasms) can each vary in severity. Most cases may even be pretty mild. Still, even with these mild cases, distorted or blurry vision can severely hamper your life. And in severe cases—especially with blepharospasms—your everyday life can be drastically affected for the worse. Many people suffering from these conditions can’t drive or even open their eyes!

Why Do These Conditions Exist?

To understand why Botox is effective on these ailments, you need to understand how your eye works.

Each of your eyes functions using six different muscles. Two of these help move the eye from side to side. They work against each other, and this opposing force helps keep your eyes straight and in sync with one another. However, if one of the muscles is weaker than the other, the stronger muscle will pull that eye it its direction—often the wrong way. This is what makes your eyes crooked.

However, this also has more internal side effects. This constant pulling and contracting usually makes your stronger eye muscle extremely tight. And this is why Botox works on your eyes.

What Botox Does to Your Eye Muscles

Wherever it is administered, Botox paralyzes the muscles and essentially breaks the connections between your nerves and muscles. Even after the nerves are again able to send out signals, it takes a while for these connections with the muscles to be rebuilt. This paralyzing effect gives your muscles the chance to relax. This is why is works to eliminate wrinkles, and its the same reason it works to fix eye problems.

During Botox treatment, it is injected into the stronger and tighter of your eye muscles. During the few months it is relaxed, the weaker eye can regain its strength.

Just remember: this is not a cure or even a permanent treatment. Just as Botox works with wrinkles, it is only temporary. After a few months, you will need another shot if you want to continue

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