Does Your Child Need Glasses Or Contacts?

If your child has difficulty seeing, they may struggle academically or be more prone to injuries and falls. However, children don’t always realize that they need vision correction and young children may not be able to communicate their difficulty seeing. This means that it is important for parents to recognize when help is necessary.

If you notice these signs of vision problems, your child may need glasses:

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  • Frequent squinting: Squinting can be an indication of either nearsightedness or farsightedness. If your child squints when it is bright outside that is normal, but if they squint when trying to focus on things vision correction may be necessary.
  • Sitting very close to the television or holding things very close to the face: Sometimes children just like to hold things close to their face and since their vision is still changing, this might not be cause for alarm, but if your child always holds reading material close to their face you should have their vision checked.
  • Rubbing the eyes: If your child has difficulty seeing it could be straining their eyes and causing irritation—as a result they may rub their eyes often. Rubbing their eyes a little when they are tired is normal, but if it is frequent throughout the day they many need vision correction.
  • Closing an eye or tilting when focusing: If a child has a vision problem in one eye they may tilt their head or close one eye when trying to read focus on an object. If you notice that your child is doing either of these things have their vision checked.
  • Poor academic performance: If your child has trouble seeing it can make it very difficult to focus at school and do the required assignments. If your child’s academic performance is lower than expected they may be having trouble seeing.
  • Frequent headaches: If your child is straining to see they may end up with frequent headaches. If your child complains of headaches frequently get their eyes checked and schedule an appointment with the doctor.
  • Difficulty reading: Reading requires a lot of focus, so if your child easily loses their place while reading, they could have trouble seeing. This can lead to social and academic difficulties down the road so have their vision checked if you notice that this is a problem.

To learn more about identifying vision problems, contact the Aloha Eye Clinic.

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