Dry Eyes – What You Need To Know

slide3Do your eyes feel scratchy?  Maybe they’re just generally irritated, feel like there’s something in them, or even just burn.  Or perhaps they water all the time and you feel like your vision is blurry.  If you experience any of these symptoms, you may have a condition known as dry eye.

People with dry eye have inadequate tears to lubricate their eye.  Tears are a critical component of maintaining a healthy eye surface and allowing an individual to have clear vision.  If you lack enough tears or the tears are of poor quality, you may suffer from a condition commonly known as dry eye.

Dry eyes can result from any number of things.  We’ve outlined a few of the most common causes here.

  • Age – As people age, dry eye is a natural part of the process. Most people over age 65 have one or more symptoms of dry eye.
  • Medications – Antihistamines, decongestants, and blood pressure medications have all been associated with the symptoms of dry eye. These medications can reduce the quality of tears naturally produced by the eye.
  • Gender – In general, women are more likely to suffer from dry eye. Changes in hormones due to pregnancy, the use of oral birth control, and menopause all contribute to the development of dry eye.
  • Environment – Windy, dry climates and smoky environments all contribute to dry eye due to a rapid evaporation of tears.

While dry eyes are typically an ongoing, chronic condition, we can hep by prescribing treatment to keep your eyes healthy.  Treatments will help keep you more comfortable and reduce the chances that your vision will be permanently affected.  In most cases, dry eye treatment includes adding tears, or increasing tear production.  In certain situations, treating inflammation around the eyes may help resolve the issue.

Keep in mind, blinking regularly, increasing humidity in the environment around you, wearing sunglasses, and staying hydrated are all simple things you can do to help ease the symptoms of dry eye.

If you have questions or think you might be suffering from dry eye, please give our office a call.  We’re happy to help!

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