Eye Problems

The Aloha Eye Center offers a wide range of services that can help diagnose and treat any concerns that pertains to your eye health. Below are some of the most common eye problems that we provide treatment for. Feel free to browse through each page to get more information about each concern and the solutions that we provide for each of them.

If you need more information about an eye concern that you or a family member may be having or if you think you are suffering from one of these conditions, our team of renowned doctors and highly skilled staff are ready to provide you all the information that you will need. Call us today and schedule an evaluation with one of our doctors in any of our Aloha Eye Clinics.

Astigmatism Blepharitis Cataracts Conjunctivitis Corneal transplant Detached Retina Diabetic Retinopathy Dry Eyes Eyelid Surgery Flashes and Floaters Glaucoma Hyperopia (Far Sightedness) Macular Degeneration Myopia (Nearsighted) Pterygium and Pinguecula Presbyopia