Is Eyelid Surgery Part of Your Summer Plans? Let’s Talk Recovery!

Eyelid Surgery Maui HawaiiBlepharoplasty is one of the leading cosmetic procedures performed today. The precision techniques employed to refine the tissue that surrounds the eyes can make a significant impact on the appearance of the entire face. We are pleased to work with patients who are interested in reducing the prominence of hooded upper eyelids and undereye bags and circles. Our expertise in treating the eyes makes us a reliable resource for cosmetic eyelid surgery. If blepharoplasty is on your calendar of things to do this summer, we offer these tips on what to expect during recovery.

Daily Living

Many blepharoplasty patients are surprised to discover how quickly they can get back to their normal daily activities after their eyelid surgery. What may be noticed more than anything is slight blurriness. Though mild, this disruption to visual clarity may get in the way of reading, watching television, working on the computer, and even texting. We recommend that patients avoid all electronic devices for a few days. Because the body will ask for more rest at this time, unplugging may be easier than it sounds.

In addition to mildly blurred vision, blepharoplasty patients are also likely to notice a bit of discomfort. Pain after eyelid surgery is generally subtle. Prescription pain medication can substantially reduce any ache related to blepharoplasty. After a few days, many patients can switch to an over-the-counter pain reducer such as acetaminophen.


The physical toll of surgery combined with prescription pain medication can increase the need for rest. However, some patients take a few days to get used to sleeping with their head slightly elevated. This is necessary to reduce swelling and bruising but can also be a challenge. For this reason, sleep may occur in shorter and more frequent nap sessions. In whatever way rest is achieved, it is vital to the recovery process.

Swelling and Bruising

Swelling and bruising may be the side effects for which most patients are very prepared. It makes sense that a surgical procedure would cause at least a little swelling and bruising! What might feel surprising is waking up on, say, day three after surgery to increased swelling. Should this happen, there is no reason to worry. Swelling often worsens before gradually subsiding one day at a time. By week three after surgery, most of the swelling that has resulted from surgery will be gone. In the meantime, cold compresses can relieve this side effect.

Blepharoplasty is an excellent solution for any person whose eyes have become heavy with age. To learn more, call our Wailuku or Kihei office.

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