Eyelid Surgery: Your Ticket to Beautiful Eyes

shutterstock_54762808Although not as commonly talked about as cataracts or common vision problems, droopy eyelids can seriously hamper your vision and make it impossible for you to see clearly. Moreover, they mar your appearance as well, giving you a permanently-sleepy look.

This droopiness is usually caused by the aging skin on your eyelids. As skin gets older, it loses elastin, or the compound that helps your skin resume its normal shape after stretching. When this elastin disappears, skin sags. This effect is especially noticeable around the eyes, causing these droopy, sleepy eyes.

There aren’t many solutions available to fix this problem, but most of the ones available are efficient and effective. If you are looking to solve this issue once and for all, one of the best procedures available is eyelid surgery, or blepharoplasty. The surgery involves making an incision on the upper side of the eyelid and extracting the excess fat and skin, lifting the lid and giving your eyes the beautiful look you deserve.

At Aloha Eye Clinic, we know how important the appearance of your eyes is to you. This is why we offer you an eyelid surgery performed using state-of-the-art techniques and equipment. We give you the best results; the incisions are small and inconspicuous, and the skin is fully tightened.

The eyelid surgery we offer you is an outpatient procedure, usually done under general anesthesia. You will be able to leave that same day, however your at-home recovery may take up to two or three weeks. However, much of this recovery can also take place as you go about your day-to-day life. The results of blepharoplasty will be visible almost immediately after the surgery. You—and those around you—will see a drastic improvement in the appearance of your eyes.

If you want to get the beauty of your eyes back, then come to our clinic and consult with us about having eyelid surgery. At our office, we will talk to you about all your options, especially in regards to blepharoplasty, allowing you to make the best choice for your life and body. We assure you that you are not going to regret your decision.

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