Eyelid Swelling: What Could It Be?

Eye Clinic Services Kihei, HIIf you’ve woken up from a poor night’s sleep to find that your eyes are puffy and swollen, you may not be surprised. We also tend to expect to swell after a good cry. The reason why the tissues of the upper and lower lids expand is that fluid accumulates beneath the surface. That is the direct answer to what swelling could be. However, a bigger question also needs to be asked. What is behind that fluid buildup?

It is important to know why the eyes may be puffy because it this condition persists for more than a day or two, it could indicate the need for professional care. Otherwise, untreated swelling could mean damage to important ocular structures. If puffiness occurs out of the blue, and it lingers for a few days, contact our Kihei or Wailuku office. A brief eye exam is worth the time when it can restore peace of mind.

Eye swelling could be caused by some underlying factors, including:

  • This infection may be better known as Pink Eye. It commonly occurs during cold and flu season and affects the conjunctiva or lining of the inside of the eyelid.
  • We don’t see the same rate of allergies on the island as they do on the mainland. However, this condition needs to be included in the instance of eye swelling. Fortunately, treatment for allergic eye symptoms is convenient and quickly effective.
  • Eye injury. If the swelling is the result of an injury, the event is usually known and can be treated with a cold compress and rest. Injuries cause swelling because blood and fluid accumulate within tissue that has sustained trauma. Bruising may also occur. If an injury causes severe pain or an obvious abrasion, medical care should be obtained to assess the important structures of the eye.
  • A stye is a different type of infection than conjunctivitis. This infection may affect the tear gland or an eyelash follicle, causing redness and, usually, an obvious bump.
  • Now, this is a term we don’t often hear! This condition may be mistaken for a stye due to similarities in appearance. The cause of a chalazion, though, is a blocked tear duct.

Initial care for eyelid swelling may include taking an antihistamine (if allergies are suspected) and placing a cool compress over the eyes. However, if vision disturbances such as blurriness coincide with swelling, or if the eye is also painful, prompt care should be obtained.

We care about your eye health and optimal vision. Contact us to arrange your visit.

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