Your Eyes are the Key to an Active Lifestyle

eye exerciseHere on Maui, it’s hard to want to stay indoors. Our consistently good weather begs to be enjoyed on a daily basis, and that is precisely what most of us want to do. If your eyes are not in tip-top shape, staying active as you get older can become a challenge. Eyesight is a vital aspect of being able to engage in a variety of physical activities, from biking to playing sports. Everyday tasks like driving and walking, as well, call for agility, and this requires coordination between what you see, what your brain perceives, and how your body moves. Here, we will discuss a few of the exercises you may want to incorporate to support your eyes.


Before you work out or go for a long run or hike, you may spend a few minutes stretching out the muscles of your feet and legs. Before weight-lifting, many people stretch their arms, shoulders, back, and other muscles. Well, regardless of what activities you have planned for the day, your eyes could use a good stretch-session, too!

Think about the prevalence of eye strain in today’s tech-savvy society. The amount of time that we spend looking at a computer screen or cell phone is proving to be detrimental to long-term eye health. Stretching may help with this. Stretching the eyes is as simple as observing a few objects a few times a day. Start with something close to you, such as on your desk or in your hands. Then, move on to an object a few feet away (2 or 3). Finally, focus on an object on the other side of the room, or even outside. As far as you can, observe objects that are still clear in your vision. The change from near to far is a great workout for tired eyes.


You’ve heard of hand-eye coordination and may think of this “talent” as important for athletes. The truth is, we all need to be coordinated! When the hands and the eyes work in harmony, it is much easier for the body to work with the eyes, and that means less risk of falls and other accidents. You can enhance hand-eye coordination by playing games like ping-pong or even by bouncing a ball. The few minutes this takes can pay off in the long term.

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