Give LASIK a Second Glance

LASIKLASIK surgery is an FDA-approved procedure that has a fairly long history at this point. Doctors across the globe have been employing the precision technique to safely and effectively improve their patients’ vision. Regardless of the proven track record of success, a certain amount of mystery still shrouds the benefits that patients can gain from a short eye surgery. Mainly, it seems to be the mere thought of having a laser pointed at the eye that causes concern in potential patients. We understand! Who wouldn’t question the level of comfort that may be enjoyed during such a procedure!

If you want to reduce your use of eyeglasses or contact lenses, we believe that LASIK is worth a second glance. Assuming that there is pain or other unpleasant aspects of corrective eye surgery can keep you from seeing the best life has to offer.

LASIK is Far Easier than you Think

Patients who have followed through with the LASIK procedure tend to say the same thing: “That wasn’t bad!” They admit the nerves leading up to their treatment were much worse than they needed to be. The LASIK procedure is really quite simple.

  • Medicated eye drops numb your eyes.
  • A mild sedative may also be given to ease anxiety.
  • As the doctor progresses through the procedure, slight vibration or pressure may be felt.
  • In 60 to 90 minutes, the entire procedure has been completed, and your eyes are still numb.
  • As anesthetic wears off, your eyes may be slightly irritated.
  • After just a few hours, irritation and other minor side effects are typically gone.
  • Within just a few days, you will most likely be back to your normal routine, feeling no more than mild discomfort, if any.

Lasers and your Eyes

Most of us think of lasers as heat-seeking missiles. Ok, maybe not to that degree, but many of the usual lasers used in medicine are designed to cut, burn, and seal tissues. Of course this doesn’t sound appealing when it is your eyes that need surgery. LASIK is a cool laser treatment. It doesn’t burn and is calibrated specifically for the delicate tissues of the eye.

Have you been thinking about LASIK? Get the facts from those who know. Schedule your visit with us in Wailuku or Kihei.

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