Help Your Eyes Beat the Heat With Prescription Sunglasses

Models - 32If you usually wear glasses or contact lenses, you will need prescription sunglasses. Although many people don’t realize it, everyone should be wearing sunglasses to protect their eyes from the damaging UV rays of the sun. But if you already have glasses or even just contacts, that can be a problem. Here’s why you should consider breaking out some extra cash for the prescription sunglasses.

Comfort and Convenience

You always need to be able to see, and just image how ridiculous you’d look wearing a second pair of sunglasses over your regular prescription glasses. They wouldn’t even stay on your face! Although you probably think that sounds ridiculous, what else are you going to do? There are clip-on or magnetic sunglasses that can fit onto your regular glasses, but those are also inconvenient and are very easy to lose.

If you have a pair of prescription sunglasses, you never have to worry about fumbling around trying to clip your sunglasses on or not being able to see. It is more comfortable, convenient, and stylish!

Added Protection

If your eyes are already damaged, you definitely need to be wearing sunglasses. But in many ways this point is just another point for sunglasses themselves—whether you need them to be prescription or not. Your eyes are delicate, and so you need to protect them from 100% of the UV rays. When buying any sunglasses, make sure they block 100% of UV rays. (This is not actually based on the color or density of the lenses’ tint, so look for other clues like a tag on the glasses or ask your doctor).

And if you’ll be spending these sunny summer days swimming, prescription sunglasses gives yourself an extra layer of protection you probably didn’t even think about. Wearing prescription sunglasses to the beach or poolside helps protect your eyes against diseases and infections that you can pick up from swimming while wearing contact lenses. If you have prescription sunglasses, you can feel free to leave the contacts at home. If you’re really hard core, you can even look into getting prescription goggles for your swims.

Make It an Easy Transition

Perhaps the best choice for prescription lenses are those with photochromatic tint, often called transition lenses. These automatically darken into sunglasses as you go outside. However, they don’t work well in the car.

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