Is It Time for Glasses or Contacts?

Have you noticed any problems in your vision lately? Do you find it difficult to see things clearly? Like it or not, it could be time you get prescription glasses or contact lenses. At Aloha Eye Clinic, we want all of our patients to see clearly. Here are some of the signs that your vision is changing.

Telltale Signs You Need Vision Correction

contact lensThe best way to identify most eye conditions is to get an exam with an experienced ophthalmologist. You might also recognize early signs of a problem. If any of the following issues are starting to come up, it’s time to call us for an appointment:

  1. Difficulty seeing things in the distance
  2. Blurring of close-up vision, also known as presbyopia; this condition calls for reading glasses and is common among older adults
  3. Difficulty seeing at night
  4. Difficulty in seeing things both close up or at distance, a condition known as astigmatism
  5. Difficulty adjusting vision from dark to light environments
  6. Having trouble working or reading on your computer
  7. Double vision
  8. Frequently suffering from eye fatigue or eyestrain
  9. Suffering from frequent headaches
  10. Seeing halos surrounding lighted objects


Common Vision Problems

Some of the most commonly diagnosed vision problems among people experiencing the symptoms above are farsightedness, nearsightedness, presbyopia, and astigmatism. Most people have one of these vision issues.

It’s important to have your vision checked. Not only can we help you see better, we can also make sure there’s not another health concern behind changes to your vision.

Call us for an appointment today.

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