Laser Surgery for Cataracts? It’s Possible!

Many patients with cataracts have regained clear eyesight through traditional cataract surgery. This safe and effective procedure has been used for decades. But who could have thought that this surgery could still be made even better?

Advancements in the field of medicine have made it possible to incorporate laser technology into cataract surgery. Yes, lasers can now be used in successfully treating cataracts.

How lasers are used in cataract surgery

cataractEach year, about 1.5 million cataract surgeries are performed in the U.S. This procedure removes the eye’s natural lens, which has been clouded by aging, and replaces it with a permanent artificial lens. This vision correction procedure involves the breaking down and removal of the affected lens from its capsule. This type of surgery is manually done by the surgeon with the aid of an ultrasound instrument.

Laser technology serves as a pretreatment to “soften” the cataract by making an incision and etching cross-hatch patterns on the cataract surface. Doing so makes the surgery safer and more successful, according to studies. This technique brings less damage to the eye.

The many benefits of laser

By adding the laser to the procedure, there might not be a need for any ultrasound anymore, benefiting the patient as ultrasound can cause collateral damage to the eye — hindering recovery and promoting cloudiness in the cornea.

As compared to the traditionally treated eyes, the eyes of laser-treated patients require 45% less ultrasound energy to removal the cataract. That’s also 45% fewer movements made by surgeons as compared to the traditional approach. Fewer movements and less energy means fewer complications post-treatment and a faster recovery.

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