Does LASIK fit into Your Active Lifestyle?

LASIK Kihei, HILASIK has been one of the leading eye procedures performed in the last several years. Men and women of all ages have found freedom from eyeglasses by undergoing this short procedure to correct vision through meticulous cornea re-shaping. It’s true that LASIK can provide long-term, if not permanent, improvement to vision. Why else would so many people seek this elective procedure? On the other hand, there are also people who hesitate to schedule a consultation for laser eye surgery because they have a perception that their recovery will keep them from their active lifestyle.

If you live an active lifestyle, especially one that includes a beloved sport, the idea of taking time away from your activities can be the obstacle that holds you back from clearer vision. Here, we want to break down the recovery from LASIK to give you a better understanding of just how simple this procedure is, and how it can improve your overall game, whether that is on a field, a court, or a mat.

Hitting the Open Road

What better place to hear your feet on the pavement than on our beautiful island? To love running doesn’t mean you have to do marathons or other events. Here, there are just as many people who simply love to feel the fresh air on their face as they complete a quick five-miles before or after work each day. LASIK doesn’t have to stand in the way of your activity for long. Your doctor will advise you to carefully follow post-op instructions for two to three days and then will most likely approve your return to the open road.

Hitting the Waves

Water is a bit of a different story after LASIK because there is a greater risk of bacteria entering the eye if the head is submerged in water or water gets splashed around the eyes. This risk exists in pools as well as fresh- and ocean-water sources. Furthermore, pool water is sanitized with chlorine, a chemical that can exacerbate the dry eye sensation that already exists after LASIK. Salt water may have the same irritating effect. For optimal healing after LASIK, swimmers and surfers may be advised to stay out of the water for two weeks.

Hitting the Mat

Martial arts and high-contact sports have become increasingly popular in recent years. To comfortably engage in such sports, it is ideal to have the sharp vision that allows the quick physical response. It isn’t only karate, Krav Maga, and other person-to-person sports that present a risk of eye injury; basketball, baseball, and even volleyball are also considered contact sports regarding risks. After LASIK, a hit to the eye could affect optimal healing. Therefore, patients are encouraged to wear goggles or other protective eyewear when they do return to their sport, which could be about one month after LASIK surgery.

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