LASIK Surgery can Help you Enjoy the Beauty of Maui

Clear, crisp vision is something we expect to have for most of our life, if not all of it. For many adults, vision becomes impacted as the structure of the eye changes. Eyeglasses and contact lenses are a viable solution to problems like nearsightedness and farsightedness, but they also have disadvantages like sliding or causing discomfort on the bridge of the nose. When you rely on corrective eyewear, there is also the matter of care. Broken or lost eyeglasses can’t do you much good! Patients of Aloha Eye Clinic may consider how LASIK surgery can improve their quality of life.

LASIK Treats the Eyes Gently

examMost people would rather not think about having eye surgery. We can understand that you may feel uneasy about undergoing a procedure on your eyes. However, patients who have addressed vision problems like astigmatism, myopia, and hyperopia with LASIK have been pleasantly surprised at the gentleness of this laser procedure.

The outpatient LASIK procedure improves vision by reshaping the cornea with cool light energy. Patients do not feel the procedure because we begin by applying drops that numb the nerves in the eye. A comfortable instrument holds the eyelids open as a precision femtosecond laser makes a microscopic flap on the cornea. This flap opens access to the underlying tissue, which is reshaped with pulses of light from an excimer laser.

What to Expect

During the procedure, patients may see ambient light and short flashes, but clarity is diminished. A ticking sound can be heard as the laser device emits bursts of light. Tracking eye movement, we are able to accurately correct vision in the short procedure. Once the ideal shape has been accomplished, we reposition the flap over the cornea and make sure no structural anomalies that may impede healing are seen.

Immediately after LASIK surgery, as numbness subsides, the eyes may feel slightly irritated. Fortunately, healing begins right away and comfort improves over just a few hours. During this time, it is important that eyes are not touched or rubbed. Healing continues over the course of a few weeks.

Over ten thousand procedures have been performed at the Aloha Eye Clinic. To discover how LASIK can improve your vision and your life, contact us in Wailuku or Kehei.

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