Let those Tears Flow

Dry Eyes HIOur tears do not get much attention. That is until they demand it. When we hear that word, “tears,” what usually comes to mind is crying. There are, however, some reasons why the eyes produce tears. Crying is just one of them. We’ll start with that, though.

Emotional Tears

Everyone knows that certain feelings provoke tears. It could be seeing a bride walk down the aisle. It could be the loss of something treasured. For some of us, watching someone cry on television is enough to bring tears of emotion to our eyes. First, we want to say; this is all ok. Crying is valuable. Not only do emotional tears release the emotion that must be let out, but it is also said that, when we cry, toxins that have accumulated in the body are released.

Reflex Tears

Sometimes, we tear up reflexively because we are chopping an onion. Sometimes, reflex tears spring loose because something has gotten in the eye. The value of reflex tears is pretty obvious. When something is in the eye, we want it out, as quickly as possible. In most cases, this is what extra tears will do.

Basal Tears

Now to the tears, we produce all day, every day. Basal tears are what spread out over the eyes’ surface when we blink. These tears provide the moisture that is needed to allow us to work, read, and use our eyes nonstop without them becoming irritated.

When Flow Stops

The eyes may become a little too dry now and then due to the weather, too much computer time, or some other factor. If dryness occurs periodically, it can be frustrating. If dryness occurs frequently, there is a problem that needs to be addressed. Dry eyes aren’t just a nuisance, they become very uncomfortable, sometimes to the point of impeding daily living.

Chronic dry eye is a relatively common condition that can be improved with the right kind of eye drops. Using a product from the store shelf may help temporarily, but there may be more that can be done. At Aloha Eye Clinic offices in Kihei and Wailuku, patients can obtain prescription eye drops to keep the eyes healthier and more comfortable. In severe cases of dry eye, we may suggest a procedure to plug the tiny tubes that drain tears from the eyes.

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