There May Be More to Eye Protection than you’re Doing

eye care services  HIIf you wear sunglasses when you’re outdoors, you may think that your eyes are protected. They are – from the harmful UV rays that can lead to degeneration, not to mention wrinkles. You may also be careful to include fresh fruits and vegetables that support eye health into your meals. That is another great way to support your long-term eye health. But there’s more, and we should talk about it.

According to the American Academy of Ophthalmology, yearly eye injuries number over 1 million. Yearly! What’s more, a fair amount of the injuries that do occur doesn’t have to. They happen because the eyes have not been adequately safeguarded during a particular activity.

Going the Extra Mile

To protect the eyes, we must do more than wear sunglasses. Eye injuries can be prevented with a few simple lifestyle habits, including:

  • Maintaining corrective lenses with annual eye exams. Not being able to visualize a work environment fully means an increased risk of unnecessary injury (not just to the eyes).
  • Obtaining appropriately fitted eyewear for work or other tasks. An eye doctor or optician is a good resource.
  • Before starting any project, assess the environment for potential dangers. These include chemicals, debris, and sharp objects.
  • Before commencing work, have appropriate goggles and a first aid kit within reach. If debris or chemicals enter the eye, the last thing you want to do is search for the appropriate remedy. Be ready for the unexpected.

Play Safe

A good number of the eye injuries that are reported each year stem from sports. Usually, from one person accidentally colliding with another. When this happens, it is easy for the cornea to get scratched. Now, the good news about corneal abrasions is that they are, for the most part, minor. On the other hand, they don’t often feel minor; a scratch to the eye’s surface can hurt! You won’t have to know how this feels if you implement the habit of wearing appropriate protective gear during your favorite sport.

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