Meet Dr. Jivin Tantisira

Jivin Tantisira, M.D.

Tantisira 1
Jivin Tantisira, M.D., a graduate of the Yale University School of Medicine and the medical director of the Aloha Eye Clinic, is Maui’s most experienced eye surgeon and one of the most experienced in the entire State of Hawaii.

Dr Tantisira is a cataract specialist having performed over 8,000 cataract surgeries on Maui with an outstanding level of success. He performs no-shot, no-stitch cataract surgery using the most modern phacoemulsification (ultrasound) technology.

Besides performing cataract surgery with standard intraocular lenses (IOL’s), Dr Tantisira is Maui’s leader in premium IOL cataract surgery.Dr Tantisira’s extensive experience with premium IOL’s includes using the multifocal and accommodative IOL’s to give a person a greater range of vision without glasses and using the toric IOL’s to correct for astigmatism (a non-symmetrical shape of the eyeball).

As Maui’s most experienced premium IOL surgeon, Dr Tantisira is fully dedicated to restoring vision to members of the Maui community with all types of cataracts. To schedule a complete cataract evaluation with Dr Tantisira please contact the Aloha Eye Clinic.

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