Planning LASIK? Let’s Talk about Your Digital Devices!

LASIK Kihei, HIWe have become so accustomed to using computers, televisions, tablets, cell phones, and other digital devices that we may not even realize how often we are tuned into a screen. In recent studies, scientists have discovered that our heavy reliance on electronics may be degrading our eyesight. Advances in technology provide us with the opportunity to correct many of the standard vision errors that may occur. Undergoing a procedure such as LASIK can be advantageous for many reasons. To obtain the best results from this treatment, patients do need to take a break from their computers and other devices. Here, we discuss what that looks like.

The Value of Laser Vision Correction

One of the primary advantages of LASIK eye surgery is its efficiency and gentleness to the eyes. The precision shaping of the cornea is minimally disruptive so does not carry a hefty recovery time. In many cases, a significant degree of normalcy is restored within the first twenty-four hours after treatment. However, that doesn’t mean you want to hop right back into working a full day at the computer or entertaining yourself with television.

Managing LASIK Recovery

There aren’t many side effects of LASIK to speak of. Perhaps the only notable side effect that could present concern is dry eyes. It is presumed that dryness stems from the slight disruption to the nerves on the cornea during LASIK. If the nerves on the ocular surface lose a bit of sensitivity, tear production may diminish. For this reason, eye drops may be prescribed for routine use during LASIK recovery. If you undergo this procedure, you may rely on these lubricating drops more heavily as you ease your way back into computer and other digital use. Additionally, implement simple strategies such as:

  • Give yourself an allotted amount of time to use digital devices. Start small, like 10 minutes at a time. Notice how your eyes feel after staring at a screen and adjust accordingly. As your corneal surface heals, you will be able to spend longer stretches at the computer or other devices.
  • When watching television, using a computer, or even reading, close your eyes frequently. Don’t just blink; sit for a moment with your eyes closed so tears do not evaporate too quickly.
  • Your body heals when you sleep. Your eyes get to rest and replenish moisture when you sleep. So sleep as much as you need. As recovery progresses, more energy will be available for other tasks.

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