Premium Lens Implants Maui Hawaii

What are premium lens implants?
Traditionally, patients who undergo cataract surgery would still need to get fitted with prescription glasses in order to achieve a 20-20 vision. But thanks to developments in technology, patients can now have clear vision after their cataract surgery without the hassle of wearing glasses with the use of premium lens implants. Premium lens implants are the latest in intraocular lenses that can provide patients with the vision that they had 10 or 20 years ago.

What premium lens implants are available for patients in Maui?
Patients now have several options available implant options available to choose from that will help restore their vision and help them live normally after their cataract surgery. Below are the different premium lens implants:

  • Multifocal Lens Implants – these types of implants allows patients to see both near and far and even intermediate distances after their cataract surgery. This is made possible by the varying heights and distance between the steps that are carved in the central portion of the lens. Each of these steps bends the incoming light in different degrees which provides good vision quality for both short and long distances.
  • Accommodating lens implants – these types of premium lens implants are designed to work like your natural lens does. The hinge design of the accommodating lens allows it to move inside your eyes in the same manner that your natural lens does. Many patients prefer this type of lens because this allow them to see better even at multiple distances.
  • Toric lens implant – this type of lens is the only type of premium lens implant that can be used to treat astigmatism conditions as well as correct your vision. This however is not the only alternative to astigmatism correction and we recommend that you consult your doctor to treat the asymmetric steepening of your cornea that causes you to have astigmatism.
  • Tecnis Muiltifocal lens implant – this is a premium lens implant that is designed to offer improved vision for both near and distance vision. This type of lens implant can immediately be placed in the eyes during cataract surgery and can be used in elective refractive lens exchange. Using the technology of diffraction, this offers less dependence in glasses and contact lenses and provides a very smooth transition between distant, near, and immediate targets.

What is a premium lens implant procedure like for patients in Maui?
Premium lens implants utilizes the same procedure that is used during a cataract surgery. The procedure will involve the removal of the natural lens of the eyes and replacement with the premium lens of the patient’s choice. The premium lens is calculated to fit the amount of nearsightedness and farsightedness that the patient requires. This procedure will benefit patients who do not qualify for laser corrective surgery and for those who wants to have bifocal or multifocal vision without the hassle of wearing glasses.