How to Prepare for Eyelid Surgery

shutterstock_54762808Sagging or drooping eyelids can add years to our face and make us look tired or angry. Aging, genetics, and other related factors can cause the skin surrounding our eyes to sag, making us look old and entirely stressed right down to the core — which is not the kind of first impression you would want to make on someone.

It is a good thing there is such a treatment called eyelid surgery or blepharoplasty. This cosmetic procedure is performed to trim down excess skin in the eyelids and “brighten” up the eyes in the process. Knowing how to prepare for surgery can help you get optimal results from the treatment.

Preparing for Eyelid Surgery

Before the day of your appointment, it is important to arrange for someone to drive you home right after the surgery, since it can be completed shortly and would not require you to spend the night in the facility. Furthermore, it is best for someone to accompany you around at home during the day.

Arrange to spend a day off from work to help you heal after the treatment. Regular activities should also be limited for several days after the procedure. Dry eyes are normal after eyelid surgery; but if it persists for more than two weeks, seek professional help immediately.

What to Prepare at Home

Prepare some ice cubes or ice packs at home. You will need these to alleviate swelling that could occur right after the procedure. It is also important to have small gauze pads, artificial tears, washcloths and towels, and pain medications ready at home throughout your healing period.

Eyelid Surgery in Wailuku

If you wish to have a refreshed appearance and look young once again, call us today at (808) 877-3984 to schedule an appointment with our eye surgery experts here at Aloha Eye Clinic. Learn more about how eyelid surgery can change your look, your confidence, and even your life. We look forward to hearing from you!

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