Red Eyes? This could be the Problem.

eye rednessIn the Aloha Eye Clinic offices, families find the care they need to address concerns related to vision and eye health. Because there are so many symptoms that could develop, we tend to get a bird’s eye view of them all. Luckily, our training and experience are put to good use in the diagnosis and treatment of such symptoms! One of the keys to resolving symptoms like redness and irritation is to know what could be causing them. From here, you can determine what may need to be done to keep you from a more serious problem.

What could be Causing Red eyes?

  • A broken blood vessel can look like a pretty serious problem. In fact, it usually isn’t. This can be reassuring to know if you experience this cause of red eyes. When a blood vessel breaks, the white of the eye may appear to be injured in some way due to the presence of blood. Rest assured, the leaked fluid will be absorbed and the eye will go back to normal. What to do: There are several reasons why a blood vessel in the eye may burst. Therefore, an eye exam should be scheduled. The leak itself usually resolves without treatment.
  • Infection such as pink eye, also referred to as conjunctivitis, is a common cause of redness and irritation. The condition may be bacterial in nature, or it may be due to allergies. Allergic conjunctivitis is not contagious, but it can be uncomfortable. What to do: Because it can be difficult to tell the origins of pink eye, it is best to avoid touching the eyes. Cold compresses can improve comfort. If fever develops, or discolored discharge occurs, schedule an eye exam.
  • Allergies have got to be at the heart of a number of cases of redness and irritation. Whether a result of the weather or exposure to pet dander or an environmental pollutant, the symptoms of allergies can become distressing. What to do: If an over-the-counter medicine does not resolve redness, itching, and irritation, consider talking with your doctor about prescription allergy medication.

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