Rejuvenate your Eyes with BOTOX®


One of the first victims of facial aging is the eye area. The delicate skin around the eyes may become loose and saggy as collagen stores become depleted. Fine lines and wrinkles that used to be visible only when you laughed can now be seen all the time. For some, the point of concern is a drooping, heavy brow. Any one of these issues can make you appear tired and old, which could be the farthest thing from how you feel on the inside.

When we think of youth and beauty, we imagine bright eyes that reflect an inner vibrancy. When the brow and lids fall too far down the face, a person not only looks older but, according to research, also seems unfriendly or angry. The staff at Aloha Eye Clinic has the necessary training and expertise to help you look younger. All it takes in many cases is a few injections of BOTOX®.

Before assuming that your concerns can be adequately met with this minimally-invasive technique, your eye doctor will conduct a thorough consultation and evaluation of the skin and muscle tone around your eyes, across the brow, and on the forehead. Sometimes, the best solution to facial aging is to surgically remove excess skin from around the eyes. The blepharoplasty procedure is straightforward and takes only a short time to achieve beautiful results.

What Happened to your Forehead and Eyes?

The signs of aging that affect the eyes occur gradually as the protein fibers beneath the skin fray and break down. This occurs because the body produces less collagen, which is crucial to this supportive matrix. When there is less collagen to keep the skin lifted, areas at the top of the face, those that are consistently used to make facial expressions, begin to fall downward.

How BOTOX® can Help your Eyes and Brow

BOTOX® is not a collagen stimulator, as certain dermal fillers are. However, this cosmetic product is one of the most-used solutions for the eyes. This is because the brow doesn’t really “fall,” it is pulled down by the muscles just above the eyes. As a result of persistent contractions, the brow may look furrowed at all times, and the eyes less open than they used to be. What BOTOX® does is relax the muscles that pull on the skin, making the eyes appear tired or angry. The result of treatment is a refreshed, energetic appearance that matches what you feel on the inside.

Now is a great time to refresh your appearance! For more information on eyelid rejuvenation, call Aloha Eye Clinic.



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