Revive your Tired-Looking Eyes

Our eyes are hard to hide, even when we tend to wear sunglasses as we go about our day. It isn’t like you can wear dark spectacles in the office, or at home. Even if you did, you would know what lies behind them: dark circles, bags, loose skin, and wrinkles. The skin around the eyes is some of the first to show the signs of age. Because this skin tends to be more delicate, it is also more susceptible to UV damage. That means collagen breakdown. Whatever the direct cause, the tired appearance has to go. Here’s how that can be achieved.

Aloha Eye Clinic, with offices in Wailuku and Kihei, offers a few options for eyelid rejuvenation. Among them, injectables tend to be the most popular.

Injectable fillers are excellent for men and women whose lower eyelids have lost their firmness and smooth texture. These cosmetic injectables provide immediate results as they add natural or synthetic particles in a gel or water base into the skin. Filler ingredients like hyaluronic acid attract water, which plumps tissue for months at a time. Because we can see the effects as we work, we can determine where to insert product for optimal correction. For instance, the filler is added to the uppermost part of the cheek to reduce the appearance of under-eye bags.

A Little Botox, too

Wrinkle reduction, even if centered around the eyes, does not mean dermal fillers or Botox. In many cases, the best rejuvenation comes from combining these two products. Botox and dermal fillers make great companions because of each type of injectable works in a unique manner. Botox is a good choice of treatment if crow’s feet are a concern, or if the upper eyelid has become heavy due to a falling brow line.

Cosmetic injectables are popular for several reasons, including their price-point and the convenience of treatment. After a few injections, which are made comfortable with Lidocaine in the mix, slight redness may be noticed, or small red dots from the slight poke of the small needle. Side effects from treatment usually diminish quickly enough that patients can go right back to their daily business.

Are tired-looking eyes a concern? Aloha Eye Clinic can help. Contact us to learn more.



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