It’s Time to Unpack your Bags

eyebags treatmentOne of the most common aesthetic concerns expressed by adults today is the presence of under eye bags. Like dark circles, puffiness is very difficult to disguise. It is also difficult to avoid. In the past, the primary method used to address under eye bags has been to manually remove fat in a meticulous surgical procedure. Now, there is an easier way. If you are ready to stop carrying extra baggage, explore the option of dermal fillers.

Why the Baggage?
It’s unnerving to see fatty deposits build up beneath the eyes. Most of us associate this problem with fatigue, or even poor health. When you have noticeable bags, you always look tired. You may even look angry. And you may really be the life of the party! Why have these bags developed? In truth, there have always been pockets of fat beneath your eyes. It’s a necessity. Over time, though, the skin that lies over these fat cells has become weak. The layer of connective tissue just beneath the skin has broken down as collagen strands have frayed due to age. As a result of these surface changes, the fat has very little to hold it in place.

Dermal Fillers for Revived Eyes
In the past decade, we have seen numerous filler products rescue a wide variety of facial features. These products can add volume and shape to the lips, erase lines and wrinkles, and even reshape noses and chins. What our patients like is that dermal fillers can also hide under eye bags.

Hyaluronic acid dermal fillers draw water into the area of injection. This water binds to the filler product for months at a time. With the added fluid in the area, under eye bags virtually disappear. This treatment does not get rid of the fat that is bulging from beneath the skin in the way that blepharoplasty does; what it does is add volume to the skin just below the bags, lifting the surface to a smoother appearance.

When you revive your eyes by erasing under eye bags, your whole face lights up! Learn more about our cosmetic services during your next visit.

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