Tips For Choosing The Right Pair Of Eyeglasses

shutterstock_163580435Your eyeglasses are designed to correct your eyesight, but they also become a part of your every day appearance. Follow these tips when choosing a new pair of eyeglasses to make sure you find a style that suits your appearance and your lifestyle.

Evaluate Your Lifestyle

Think about what you do during the day. Certain eyeglasses styles are suited to certain activities.

  • Do you work at a computer for most of the day? You may want to choose lenses that have a special coating to reduce glare.
  • Do you spend a lot of time outdoors? You may want to choose transition lenses that can work as sunglasses.
  • Are you very active? You may need to choose sturdy glasses, or glasses that are designed for sports.
  • Are you a parent of very young children? Being a parent is hard, physical work and it may be worth investing flexible frames.


Choose Frames That Complement Your Appearance

As a general rule, you should choose eyeglasses that provide some contrast to your face. For example, if you have a rounder face shape, rectangular glasses may suit you best. If however you have a square jaw, rounded frames may look better on you.


This isn’t a hard and fast rule—someone with a round face can still look good in round glasses. Just be sure to try on a few different pairs and styles to make sure you find a look that you like. It may help to style your hair the same way you normally do so you can imagine how you’ll look on an average day.


You can also choose colors to complement your appearance. If you’d like to highlight your blue eyes, for example, choose blue frames. If you’d like to provide contrast to your auburn hair, green frames or tortoise shell frames might look nice.

Consider Your Personal Preferences

Your personal taste should also factor in to your decision. Do you like the frames that are bold and noticeable, or do you prefer rimless glasses that blend into your face? Do you want a pair of glasses that can go with every outfit, or multiple pairs for different outfits and different moods? There isn’t a wrong answer, but you should think about what you like when deciding which frames and lenses to commit to.


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