Tips For Taking Care Of The Skin Around Your Eyes

forehead-pointThe skin around your eyes is thinner and more fragile than other skin on your face. This means that signs of aging are often more prominent around the eyes. The following tips can help you protect the skin near your eyes and look your best.

Prevent Sun Damage

Too much sun exposure can harm the skin all over your body and the skin near your eyes is no exception. Sun damage causes skin to wrinkle and become tougher. It can also result in discoloration. Because spending time in the sun leads to squinting, it can seriously contribute to wrinkling around the eyes. Protect your eyes by wearing sunglasses that block UV rays and shading your face with a hat. This will protect the skin near your eyes as well as your eyes themselves.

Be Careful With Makeup

Makeup can improve your appearance, but you should be very careful when applying it near your eyes. Pulling on the skin near your eyes or rubbing too hard could damage the thin layer of skin.  It is also important to replace makeup routinely and wash your makeup off every night before bed to prevent bacteria from accumulating near your eyes.

Wear Your Prescription Lenses

If you’ve been given contacts or glasses by your optometrist, it is important to wear them. If you don’t have the lenses you need you’ll be more likely to squint which stains your eyes and contributes to wrinkles.

Get Enough Sleep

Sleeping keeps your whole body healthy and that includes the skin near your eyes. In fact, the skin around your eyes. When you don’t get the sleep you need your eyelids may get puffy and dark circles can develop under your eyes. Help yourself get enough sleep by avoiding screens an hour before bed, turning down the temperature in your house, and keeping your bedroom dark.

Consider Botox

If age has taken a toll on your skin or squinting has cause wrinkles, Botox treatments can help. Botox has been approved by the FDA for treating the wrinkles and creases around the eyes that are commonly referred to as ‘crow’s feet.’ If you’d like to learn more about improving the skin around your eyes with Botox, schedule a consultation at The Aloha Eye Clinic.

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