Top Ten Reasons to Choose us

Integrity and professionalism

  1. All Aloha Eye Clinic Doctors are credentialed and fully licensed to provide you covered rates through all major insurance carriers.
  2. We choose to do the “right thing” for the patient.

A world class premiere eye care medical practice with over 39 years of excellence:

  1. Seven Board Certified doctors plus our three Retina Specialists have over 200 years in combined professional experience and the longevity of our excellent doctors ensures you continuity of care.
  2. With the highest success rates in eye surgical procedures (Dr Tantisira performed over 10,000 during the last 14 years) in Maui, and is known for work in cataract and premium intraocular lens implants.
  3. All three Retina Specialists completed Accredited University Board Fellowships.
  4. You are examined with the latest and best technology and equipment including computerized imaging, Visual Evoked Potentials, Optical Coherence Tomography, etc.

A “One Stop Shop” for comprehensive and a full range of eye care services:

  1. Our five Ophthalmological medical surgeons, two Optometrists, three Retina Specialists, ten Ophthalmic Technicians, three Opticians, and other professional and support staff provide a full range of services from:
    • Eye Exams relating to: Diabetic, Glaucoma, Macular Degeneration, Dry Eye, Allergy, Vision, Emergency, Driving Test, Pediatric
    • Surgeries: Cataract Surgery with Premium IOL’s, Eye Lid, Laser for Diabetes, Glaucoma, Secondary Cataracts, Macula
    • Glasses & Contact Lenses
    • Cosmetics: Eye Lid Surgery, Botox, Fillers

Family friendly

  1. Open six days a week from 8:00 am – 5:00 pm
  2. Two convenient locations. Both of our facilities are class A buildings with clean and open interiors, and ample free parking
  3. We strive to treat everyone with aloha, as a member of our own family.