Understanding Hyperopia, Myopia, and Astigmatisms

Eyes with HairHyperopia, myopia, and astigmatisms are three of the most common vision problems people deal with. Keep reading to learn more about these common vision issues.


Hyperopia is a refractive error that is commonly referred to as farsightedness. People with hyperopia can see things that are far away very clearly, but they have difficulty focusing on nearby objects. This can make it difficult to read, write, cook, draw, and do other daily activities that require good near vision

The problem is often caused by having a flatter than normal cornea which causes light entering the eye to focus behind the retina instead of on the retina where it should. In some cases, having a shorter than normal eye can also cause light to focus behind the retina. Some people have a combination of both problems. In many cases, this problem gets worse with age as the eyes continue to change.

Hyperopia is usually treated by changing the way light rays are bent when they enter the eye. This is done with eyeglasses or contact lenses. These lenses compensate for the eyes inability to focus and ensure that light hits the retina in the correct place.

In some cases, hyperopia can also be corrected by surgery that reshapes the cornea or prescription lens that is implanted inside the eye.


Myopia is another refractive error that deals with where light focuses inside the eye. Myopia is often referred to as nearsightedness. People with myopia see best when objects are nearby, but they have trouble seeing things that are far away. This can make it harder for people to drive, play sports, and do other daily activities.

In many ways myopia is the opposite of hyperopia. Light comes into focus in front of the retina instead of on the retina. This is caused by a cornea that is too curved, an eye that is too long, or a combination of both issues.

Like hyperopia, myopia can be corrected using eyeglasses or contact lenses to bend light rays. It can also be treated by implanting a lens inside the eye or using surgery to reshape the cornea.

Hyperopia and myopia can usually be easily diagnosed. If you’d like to learn more about farsightedness, nearsightedness, and the treatments that can correct these vision problems, contact the Aloha Eye Clinic.

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