Watch Out! Don’t let Eye Injury take you Out of the Game.

eye injuryWhen the weather is nice more often than not, there is a strong urge to get out and play. Children and adults gain a lot by engaging in sports and other activities that get them moving. However, there are inherent risks involved in the active lifestyle as well. Knowing what they are is one step, taking measures to minimize them is another, and both are important.

The American Academy of Ophthalmology tells us that approximately 40,000 eye injuries occur each year. These happen in a split second, and can leave you feeling dazed about what to do. Some of the common traumas that need to be assessed by your eye doctor include:

  • Technically, a scratch on the surface of the eye is referred to as a corneal abrasion. This injury may occur as a result of a seemingly innocent run-in or play. For instance, diving for home plate or to get under the volleyball could send dirt, sand, and other debris into the eye. The resulting abrasion could be severe enough to require care. If debris gets into the eye, rinse it – don’t rub! Then schedule your visit with your Maui eye doctor right away.
  • Blunt force injury. Boxers experience frequent blunt force trauma to several body parts. It isn’t only the high-contact sports and activities during which a blunt injury may occur. Your eye could be injured by colliding with a player during that basketball game, or even while you are playfully wrestling with the kids. If a bump to the eye results in swelling and bruising, or more dramatic symptoms, call your eye doctor for an evaluation. If you suspect that you may have broken a bone around the eye, call the nearest emergency room.
  • Radiation injury. This sounds serious. What it refers to is sun damage. There are long-term effects from chronic sun exposure, and then there are instances in which the eye is more severely injured due to the harshness of UV light. This is especially prevalent among individuals who spend a lot of time on the water without adequate protection, aka sunglasses.

The team at Aloha Eye Clinic is here to assist you in handling unexpected eye injuries, as well as your general eye health. Call our Kihei or Wailuku office for personal care.

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