When Pterygium should be Removed

Pterygium, a benign growth that forms on the eye, can be an embarrassing problem. Typically, treatment for this condition involves eye drops to reduce redness and irritation. Under normal circumstances, this is sufficient for most patients. However, the reddish flesh may also affect vision, should it grow over the cornea or become quite large. If visual impairment or discomfort occurs, we may discuss removal.

Having an operation on your eyes can seem frightening. However, millions of procedures are successfully performed each day. At Aloha Eye Clinic, pterygium removal takes place under local anesthesia. Yes, it is possible to numb the eyeball! The procedure takes only a few minutes, in most cases, and achieves a desirable result in which appearance and vision are improved. Following the outpatient procedure, you are able to return home with pain medication and eye drops to assist you with the recovery process.

Why Might you Need Pterygium Removal Surgery?

There are three primary factors that may lead a patient to want to have pterygium removed.

  • Pterygium Removal SurgeryVision impairment. If the cornea becomes covered by the fleshy growth, double vision or astigmatism may develop. Because this can have a negative impact on daily living, removal should be considered.
  • Obvious appearance. Pterygium can be removed for cosmetic reasons. The eyes cannot be hidden, and the presence of a large growth inside of the eye can lead one to feel self-conscious.
  • Because pterygium causes redness and inflammation in the eye, there may come a point where dryness and irritation become a challenge. Lubricating eye drops may be used, but only offer temporary relief. When pain is chronic, pterygium removal makes the most sense.

Consult with Your Eye Specialist

The only way to confirm if eye inflammation is caused by pterygium is to schedule an eye exam with an experienced ophthalmologist. The team at Aloha Eye Clinic will answer all of your questions, and offer solutions based on your condition and personal preferences. When you are fully informed, you are empowered to make a confident decision about your eye care now and in the future.

Schedule your eye exam at Aloha Eye Clinic.

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