Win the Dry Eye Game

dry eyesSymptoms of dry eye disease are easy to recognize; that scratchy, foreign body sensation, itching, redness, and even an excess of tears. A single one of these symptoms can be aggravating. If you are one of the 20 million people who suffer from true dry eye syndrome, chances are you are treated to multiple symptoms that one time. We are here to help our patients win the game of dry eye with friendly, personal care. Here is how the game is typically played:

Step One, association. It is only natural, when a symptom arises, for us to investigate the reason why. When it comes to dry eye syndrome, what most people do first is associate their symptoms with a logical cause. This could be not blinking frequently enough, too many hours in front of the computer, or it could even be your contact lenses. In truth, the real source of dry eye tends to run much deeper.

Step Two, fix it! Understandably, the primary goal of most dry eye sufferers is to minimize the symptoms that are keeping them from optimal comfort. Symptom treatment may involve moves like blinking more frequently, by looking away from the computer from time to time, by adding moisture to the eyes with lubricated eye drops, and even by apply warm compresses to the eyes, even if you’re not sure why. Each of these strategic steps may temporarily improve comfort. However, as most people find, none of them resolve the issue permanently.

The Winning Move

If you have been progressing through the various stages of managing dry eye syndrome without the results you want, your winning move may come from consulting with your experienced eye doctor on Maui. In recent years, a number of treatment options have been developed to improve the symptoms of dry eye. Because this condition may involve meibomian gland dysfunction, or a true lack of tear production, it is necessary to obtain a full assessment in order to find the treatment option that is right for you.

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