Do You Have the Wrong Idea about Laser Eye Surgery?

green-eye-SmallMost of the people who visit our Kihei and Wailuku offices are aware that many eye procedures performed today include laser technology. Because such procedures are so common, they have been falling into that pit of misinformation that surrounds most things today. If you’re weighing the pros and cons of having laser eye surgery to improve your vision, you want to do so with the facts, not with myth. Here, we want to discuss particulars that may be in question.

Laser = Heat

There is a widespread notion that lasers are hot. This is understandable but largely based in science fiction, not straight science. The truth is there are both hot and cold lasers, and those that are used in eye procedures are cold.

So why the “burning smell” during eye surgery? Many people have also heard that there is a certain odor to the air during laser eye procedures. This does not indicate burning tissue. In fact, the odor comes from the release of carbon atoms into the environment and is nothing to be concerned about.

Eye Surgery . . . Ouch!

The very idea of having a procedure performed on the eyes, laser or not, causes many people to cringe at the imagined pain. The downside to this idea is that it keeps a lot of folks from getting the procedure that can help them see more clearly. Eye surgeries are performed with local anesthetic. Don’t worry; it’s not like a trip to the dentist where local anesthetic involves injections. It is a fortunate fact that the eyes can be numbed with medicated eye drops. During laser eye surgery, most patients don’t feel a thing. After surgery, slight discomfort may be felt for a day or two. This results from disruption to tissue during the procedure.

Laser Surgery: Safety and Efficacy

Laser eye surgeries are not new. The first procedures were performed more than 30 years ago and, to date, no serious complications associated with laser eye surgery have been reported. No cases of blindness or irreparable damage have been attributed to laser eye surgery.

One of the reasons that patients choose laser eye surgery is because they want to obtain long lasting improvement in vision and reduce their need for eyeglasses or contacts. When the cornea is reshaped in a laser procedure, the changes made are permanent. That doesn’t mean that the eye will change with age. It is possible for cataracts to develop or for the structure of the eye to degrade over time.

We are happy to speak with you about laser eye surgery and how it can help you live life on your terms. Contact an office near you for friendly assistance.

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